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My Very Dear Ones,

In this “Communication Pulse” to the whole of the world, we pray that the aspirations of the “Sanctuary” may grow into a “Centre of Excellence for the Way of the Heart”, to blossom on a global scale.

The “Sanctuary” being a “New World / New Golden Age” visionary centre, motivating innovative thinking, to assist every endeavour of creative potential for good for humanity.

The intention is to allow the spiritual nature of our Being to aspire to a higher consciousness of humanity - all for the common good. In this Spiritual Awareness attuned in the Way of the Heart, prayerfully, we are assured of a great flourishing in continued response, in assistance from the Higher Realms with Amazing Grace.

Linking in Love and Light, assisted by the Holy Hierarchy and around the whole world, on most momentous levels, by transmitting and receiving through prayerfullness, spiritual insight, healing wisdom and understanding, with the intention of being,


We have been given this focus through surrendering, in gratitude and in response to prayer, where the Vision was given of the “Concept”:

“Man-Kind as Kind-Man
in Moments of Prayers linked with Millions
in Millions of Minutes of Prayer”

This Vision continues through Divine Instruction, in that all that is given is given again, and passed from heart to heart to assist on a massive global level, giving inspiration, knowledge and truth to many along the ‘Way’.
As we are all part of this new and wonder-full mass-consciousness now awakening, in growing spiritual awareness, we may positively ALL assist in this endeavour.

That is why it is important that each and everyone of us hold the “Concept” principle around the whole of Mother Earth. Each one of us is asked to assist in the birthing of the New Golden Age by our INTENT - by our thinking and doing, and prayerfully, for as one links with another and another - soon one hundred, thereafter ten times, thereafter thousands upon thousands, indeed millions upon millions……….ALTOGETHER ALL IS POSSIBLE! All assistance is being given by the gathering “Momentum of Prayer”.

Each focus for a better future, attending the needs and the hopes of many, linked in highest endeavour, assists the manifestation of higher energy to embark on the great “Concept”. Such intensity of positively powered energy creates a shift - slowly at first but then the spark ignites the seed to shoot! ! Your input of prayer will assist this magnificently! - Just as the innovating Light empowers the link of Love, creating truly Divine Order--no less than Heralding:-


In Love and Lightand Blessings,

Maureen Maria-Grace Rose

The Sanctuary
Shoreline, Apartment 9,
La Grande Route de la Cote
St. Clement, JE2 6FF
Jersey, Channel Islands.

* Please link with Divine Energy, Creator God, prayerfully to allow Creation of the Highest Order. Please ask the great assistance of the Angels and most Holy Ones to give momentous power for a great manifestation of highest potential for good.

** All can be achieved - Be of great valour, and give others the encouragement to link also in this great endeavour of “Heaven on Earth”, first desired, intended and promoted and finally brought to fruition. We look forward to your ‘Link of Love and Light’, each Friday 11 a.m., to spread this “Good News” according to highest principles of purity, trust and endeavour. Thus by a sense of sharing and caring in Love and Light, the Way of the Heart will blossom!

* We continue to pray,....you may like to e-mail us with your responses

The Way of the Heart

The Way of the Heart has taken root.
The knowledge and understanding
of the Way of the Heart
is spreading throughout the world
like an everlasting beacon of Light.
The roots are strong
and will withstand the storms.
Although the roots are not visible,
know that they are anchored in
the fertile ground of Divine Promise.
Share the Way of the Heart
with all you meetand in all you do.
Let it govern your thinking, being, doing,
eating and living….and one day,
The Way of the Heart will be the way of
each one in the Universe.

The Way of the Heart
is the way forward for mankind.
Nurture your heart and soul with
prayer and right living
and joy will well up like a Divine spring
and peace will reign.
Share these words far and wide.

The Way of the Heart
is the Way forward.
As with a smile which is returned to you,
give heart ot others and your own heart will strengthen and grow in
love and compassion.

Take heart with these words.
Give heart with these words.
Step with joy onto the Way of the Heart.

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