Dearest Ones of Love and Light,

It is felt appropriate now, at this particular time, to weave together the threads of the tapestry of the pioneering work of the Sanctuary here in Jersey, to create the picture of the Great Holy Quest presently evolving…….

Through surrendering of Being “in Thy will be done” - prayerfully in devotion and dedication for more than 20 years, - truly Amazing Grace has been given to assist the “Way of the Heart” in the Divine Work to begin to bring “Heaven on Earth”, as the new Golden Age unfolds. The key in “love and compassion” began this Great Sacred Quest… only a step at a time has revealed the ongoing, awesome, magnificent portent…….

“The Sanctuary” in Jersey, was the appointed place for the beginning of this vast work, the finding and working towards creating this beautiful place, together being a story in itself, - but, suffice to say, at this time, it is a very tiny but most peaceful and beautiful place, with very special vibrations that have grown immensely in the transmitting and receiving through the power of prayer, linking with the Heavenly Realms through Healing Grace. It is given that the Emblem of the Sanctuary is the Rose of Compassion.

In a little limited form, aspects of the Heavenly Realms as seen in “Healing Journeys”* are re-created in the Sanctuary - portraying the holding place with the Grotto of Our Lady, set around the bridge and the water-fall area, with the etheric pillars of light surrounding the Sanctuary’s sanctum.

“Healing Journeys”* was directed to be written by the Holy Hierarchy, and given through actually visiting Higher Realms through an altered state of awareness. When this most extraordinary insight of the Heavenly Realms was given, over a period of many years, it was especially endorsed to give “those dear souls who were lost and afraid and fearful of dying, a greater understanding of what is naturally to come after passing over.”

It was assuredly given - “Death - no this is my real birthday!”

Truly, wonderful accounts are described of the marvellous places seen or sensed, the ceremonies enjoyed and the chosen tasks we are naturally ascribed to for those who have passed on in good endeavour - “where we naturally are propelled as one hand lets go of this life, and we are gently drawn towards the next”.

Then, around ten years ago, the “Concept”* was given in a Vision, here in the Sanctuary after a great physical journey, beginning in London, then from a Buddha Lamasery in the Catskill Mountains, just outside New York, which involved travelling right across America, to Seattle and then on to an international gathering of the Essenes in Oregon on the West coast. Again this is another wonderful story in itself! - but upon safe return, I fell upon my knees in gratitude for all that been given on an exceptional spiritual endeavour, and then immediately saw in response a wondrous illustration of the world linked in the “Concept” as -

“moments of prayer linked with millions
millions of minutes of prayer”

The world was seen as though from the universe, surrounded by a rainbow of light with people linked prayerfully in love for all of creation, assisting bringing heaven on earth!

Because of the enormity of the “Concept”, it has been used as the book-cover on both “Healing Journeys” and “The Resonance of the Sacred Crystal Coloured Rosary Radiating the New Golden Age.”*

In growing spiritual work, the Sanctuary evolved further with the direct Revelation through the Mother Divine for three very important developments to take place. One of these, was the most especial desire of Our Lady - the Mother Divine “to create a New Crystal Coloured Rosary that would be brought into being at this time, to bring unity for humanity with prayer through this Divine Tool, as a catalyst to bring Peace to the world as Heaven on Earth”…This was further authenticated by the Holy Hierarchy of Masters and the Angelic Hosts, as given in the “Universality of Love and Light.”

Mother Mary said “The original Revelation was given to the early Christians but this Revelation is given in my Love for you, that the Honour done unto me is correct.”

It is important to note, the Revelation is given in the understanding that we are all Beings of the Creator God “from whence we come, to whom we will return” and is NOT the focus of any one faith.

“All is given in Universal Love, Light and Truth
All is given for ALL”

“The Great Power Re-Source released by the fusing of the ‘Sacred Crystal Coloured Rosary’ heralds the beginning of vast knowledge which will resound through the ages, for thousands of years to come.”

The Master Lady Mary has said “Knowledge will be given beneath that known in common knowledge that will stir a re-memberance mirroring internally higher ideals. In this co-union of energy there will be an Honouring of Being. A discipline (as in disciple) will form a new a-lign-ment of Being, and in this wonder and awe of the innocent one within, there will be Great Healing.”

The Sacred Crystal Coloured Rosary* is not only a work of devotion through prayer and dedication, but also a scientific way of representing and understanding, the oneness of unity within the whole of the Cosmos. An understanding of the Resonance of the Crystal Coloured Rosarys in the credence of ancient knowledge, will be proven in modern science. The Holy Hierarchy of the Great Masters of the Rays, the Heavenly Hosts of Archangels and Angels, are all directing the Way forward, all in unison towards the Point of Light. In this, the Sacred Crystal Rosary focuses and acts as a catalyst towards this understanding of the manifold oneness of all life. Beings of all faiths will sense a rapport with the Rosary in a vibration of empathy amongst one with another, in open heart and open mind, and in this, great healing of mind, body, spirit and emotions will resonate in harmony, both personally and on a world wide level.

Over time, extraordinary insight has been given in the content of the New Crystal Rosary of this New Golden Age unfolding at this present time. Twelve Rosarys now complete the set, each resonating with a special Angel most appropriated for that Virtue. The Crystal Rosebud Rosarys continue in this Inspiring Grace…..

The Mother Divine is overseeing ALL that is evolving in this “Link of Love and Light”, most prayerfully uniting humanity in compassion through the awesome expression of love, in world wide service to Humanity.

Perhaps you may like to link prayerfully with us all around the world each Friday 11 a.m.

“A Service of Love and Light as a Bridge to bring Heaven on Earth”, - together with special prayers uniting “man-kind as kind-man” has been inaugurated here at the Sanctuary.

Other Sanctuarys’ are presently being inaugurated carrying the Light in Love of the world.

Most delightful ceremonies have taken place in the Sanctuary grounds where many have gathered purely in prayer on special occasions to link in Love and Light.

Amongst very many special gatherings our Spiritual Awareness Day* (Midsummer’s Day) has proved to be a catalyst on an universal level! Last year it was recorded through contacts elsewhere amongst the many countries taking part, that on that particular day, a great celebration in the Heavenly Realms indicated a full connection of the 12 major Rays for the first time for 15,000 years or so! and wondrously that 3 new Masters would be coming into full Mastership on that particular day. They were recorded as being St.Theresa of Avila, St. Catherine of Sienna, and St.Clare, whilst other Masters were changing levels of their work, and there was an increased vibration of humanity’s energy fields, - all being connected on this particular date.

And still the enormity of the vast work of the “Sanctuary” grows. The “Concept” is presently manifesting in the Conception of the Crystal Sanctuary *- the mighty work of the transmitting and receiving of Divine Energies through the power of prayer, with the catalyst of the Rosary to bring insight, wisdom and grace for a higher consciousness of Being.

This Visionary work radiates out to the Cosmos in a Communication Pulse through Divine Instruction with the Mission to bring “Heaven on Earth.”

- Unlimited and Unbounded in the Oneness of Creation-

The etheric Crystal Sanctuary is already operational, whilst the Crystal Sanctuary* presently evolving on earth, is gaining momentum as the “Music of the Spheres” attracts and gathers more resonance in cosmic energy - through the growing mighty power of prayer.

This dynamic work is actively promoting the higher vibrations of Heaven on Earth, and is another important part of the Sanctuary’s growing ministry. The Sanctuary itself is operating as a “funnel transmitting and receiving Divine Energy”. Again, in this endeavour, extraordinary assistance is being given by the Heavenly Realms, overseen by the Mother Divine Herself, which continues in truly Amazing Grace….Many dear souls are with us contributing to the ongoing work in many, many ways.

An illustration of the format of the Crystal Sanctuary is presently being prepared.

On a powerful note, “Optimum Living”/Spiritual Healing/Chakra Harmony, is also part of the work of the Sanctuary here, in the healing for mind, body, emotions and spirit…..

Inspirational words given, have also greatly uplifted many dear ones along the Way in new insight and aspirations.

The truth, values, devotion and dedication of the enormous work unfolding will assist the manifestation of “the Greater Sanctuary” that will bring to this great endeavour, the “Space for the Grace” providing the larger grounds to further facilitate the Divine Quest.

It is the intention that the Greater Sanctuary will grow as a “Centre of Excellence” for the world wide endeavour of those, who are actively engaged in assisting humanity on global sustainability, and in sharing many aspects of understanding and valuing attributes, that will engender the criteria in bringing Heaven on Earth.

The Greater Sanctuary will blossom as a meeting place, as a pilgrimage to feed the soul, at “the Shrine of the Mother Divine of Peace in Jersey”. It is also given that the Jersey Lily is the Emblem.

Through the “Way of the Heart”, with more kindliness around the whole of the world with all creatures great and small, and in stabilising resources of Mother Earth Herself and through deep prayerfulness with the link of the Catalyst of the Crystal Rosary, there will be a manifestation of -


In this sacred truth, the Way is given……

”Allow the Rays of Spiritual Grace
to Illuminate the Soul
and then Radiate out -
to Enfold the Earth, -
and thence, the Entire Universe.”

The foundation of the Sanctuary has been formed, by the Grace of the Divine entwined through devotion and diligence. The Greater Sanctuary will be built upon this firm foundation to blossom miraculously in compassion, harmony and healing through the power of prayer and progressive ideals.

“the spiritual richness of our lives must always be at the centre and the rest of God’s gifts will flow naturally around this great Orb”.

These channelled words gi ven right at the beginning of the Sacred Quest continue to inspire through the work of the Sanctuary, for the manifestation of the Greater Sanctuary here in Jersey on a “Divine Vision with the Global Mission of bringing Heaven on Earth.”

May the aspirations given through the power of prayer be an inspiration to ALL,
as the Mother Divine has said,

“Pray, I entreat you to pray. All things are possible through prayer”.

With Love and Light and Blessings,

Maureen Maria-Grace Rose

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