Epiphany Prayerfulness – 6thJanuary 2005

Maureen drove out from east of the island to Sylvia in the west, bringing with her precious oils of Frankincense and Myrrh, and beautiful miniature glass statues of Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus.

Special belongings were arranged to create an alter for our prayer time encompassing the meaning of epiphany and Christmas and the whole world of Creation. Mindful of the present world crisis and wanting to hold this particularly in our prayers we placed coloured globes representing the world in our altar. Each special item was chosen and placed with great care so that we included the Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh, the wonderful statues, fire in the form of candles, water, flowers of Mother Earth, sea shells, animals and a picture of Our Lady, a folder of the Precious words and even a home baked biscuit to honour nourishment. The Star of Hope Rosary was placed around Mary and Joseph and the bracelet of New Beginnings was placed around baby Jesus. Maureen was especially wearing the Peace in Perfection Rosary and Sylvia was wearing the Way of the Heart Rosary.

This most especially created “altar” absolutely radiated out love, caring and gratitude.

Maureen stood behind Sylvia to incorporate a special healing for Sylvia’s rare condition and in preparation for her forthcoming surgery, and found herself in a deep flow of most beautiful prayers. The words came forth in the gentle lilt and resonance and with a Divine Grace, and encompassed everything in our hearts and minds, in the Golden Box of prayer, and the world situation and all it entailed.

In spite of the enormity and depth of all that been included, we were each aware of a great sense of empowering peace.

It was felt that strands had been created whilst placing the alter which linked and strengthened our contact with the Heavenly Realms and when Maureen spoke of force fields of energy assisting the earth and the desperate ones, Sylvia saw circles upon circles of a spiralling energy radiating out from the altar.

It was a most profound and powerful time with such a deep sense of peace, that we felt encouraged and reassured that wonderful unity of purpose and caring amongst individuals and nations would surely manifest from the ruins and terrible destruction.

We are confident that a wondrous healing grace and compassion, as a new purity of mind is beginning to appear in the consciousness of mankind.

These precious words were given after the prayers:-


In human and natural disasters there have to be those who move into action
and give physical assistance on every level.

There have to be those who supply finances for the help and resources to be given……
yet also there must be those who remain in the background and pray for the ones
assisting and the ones in need.

Prayer is the strength and power that unites all things and people together.

Know that your Prayer Ministry is of vital importance and even in these moments now,
is making a difference.

You have touched Heaven today in your prayerfulness.

Be richly blessed and encouraged.


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