Response to World Wide Prayer Link July 8th, 2005

Passing On ...

A most lovely beloved mother who had accepted that she was dying, and who had passed on only the day previous, was seen looking already so much younger, very happy and free of all pain in the Heavenly Realms. She was surrounded by roses in full bloom around her smiling face ... The following week, further insight was given. the precious Lord said, - (Calling her by name)... "is with me now, the fully matured bloom in my Heavenly home. This is the reason you see the full bloom roses surrounding her countenance. She is safely home, and at peace with me, resting in My Loving Arms".

These wonderful words were brought and given at the beginning of our Friday 11am world-wide prayer link,- July 8th. The joy felt was beyond words, blessings indeed!

Thanks be to God

--- After prayerfully beginning in our usual way, so as our hearts and mind were open and surrendered, to be used as Servants of the Light in God's name, a picture of yesterday's terrible terrorist strikes in London was given.

Dear souls from the disaster who have passed on were seen. All were being helped by the Heavenly Hosts in the Healing Realms, wee such disasters are very particularly attended. Some had arrived in severe shock and unable to assimilate they had passed on. They were therefore attended in the most "earthly" settings for their immediate repatriation in the Heavenly Realms.

A long low buildings seen as a most spacious hospital/sanatorium was set in "pastures green". all who had arrived devastated from the disaster in London were all together in this one "ward", lying on white hospital old-style beds with crisp white sheets, attended by immaculate nuns all in bright white with particularly styled head veils, and glowing white crosses on their chest.

Although very many were still in understandable shock of their experience, a most extraordinary sense of peace still prevailed over the entire seen. Administering angel like beings and nurses and doctors moved tenderly amongst the dear ones some of whom could not take on board they had actually passed on hence the adjustment neeed as realization dawned. . Streams of pure white light shun down on each one as a healing ray according to their needs, and a growing sense of calm and peace prevailed.

- After a long pause, - another seen was shown completely different. This was given as a vast hall with Angelic singing a divine violins playing. This truly remarkable place called the Hall of Music, was seen to have many, many Spirit beings deeply immersed in the healing harmony and joy of music. Wondrous indeed

And then after another pause, a new scene opened up three smiling Angels was seen. One in stunning white held the the "White Rose of Purity". The second in a red gown, held the "Red Rose of Love". The third Angel wore a soft pink colour holding the "Pink Rose of Unconditional Love" The Lord impressed through all the sorrowing kaleidoscope of humanity in present time, the "Ministering Rose", representing the "Way of Heart" needed particularly in focusing and spreading His undying Love, all around the world ...

The heart is most important in surrendering to His will be done.

Unconditional Love allows "All to be as One"

The Dear One, who had seen this insight the marvellous insight of the Heavenly Realms, was asked to look deep within the rose. - To see different levels of life as chapters unfolding in the many petals. Deep within the centre, is the stillness to be seen as the heart of the Lord. And in "stillness", development towards even higher perception would unfold ... ]

"Prayer is the powerhouse of God"

Dio Gratis


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