Response to World Wide Prayer Link December 8th, 2004

The Honouring of Our Lady’s Immaculate Conception
also the day of “The Festival of Light”

A special gathering had been planned at “The Sanctuary Shoreline” with all manner of abundance laid out to ‘de-light’ the heart and the mind, in gratitude of so many blessings….

Starlight fairy-lights were switched on the balcony facing out to sea, with the Buddha surrounded by round stones, and a huge ormer shell with a rose-quartz within, in one corner, and a large stone angel surrounded by more beautiful stones and shells from the beach around here, also facing us from outside, - whilst the sand and sea formed a beautiful backdrop….

On a low table covered in a golden cloth inside, a glorious light-filled iridescent statue figure of the “Queen of Heaven” ”The Mother Divine” – “Our Lady” stood surrounded by shells and small stones from the sea, alight candles and the full panoply of colour of all the arrayed “Universal Crystal Rosarys” and little “Rose-buds” setting a truly fabulous picture of bountiful blessings….

Slowly and deeply breathing, we sat calmly and gently, quietly settling our Beings, and then prayerfully opening most gratefully with full hearts, reaching out linking with many who may be praying at this time in

“Moments of Prayer linked with Millions
Millions of Minutes of Prayer"

We surrendered our Beings for all that in the Highest Good at this time to bring “Heaven to Earth” according to God’s Will.

Reaching out in purity of heart we linked with the Higher Realms, surrendering to be used in our

“Hu-man-ity -

Our hearts and minds open in Love and Light, we prayed for all who needed help in Mind, Body & Spirit – all who were lost and anguished, sick or in pain, or who were in grief or feared in desperation, and those who were quietly praying, to send on the “light to the world” in open heart and mind. Prayers were also given for the animal kingdom to alleviate them from distress.

We prayed that pollution may be reduced and we continued praying for the Earth herself, and all of the plant life, animal and human She so valiantly supports….

And prayer was also goven for leaders and world leaders who are able to make a difference to the whole wide-world, simply by caring and leading with ethical priorities.

- We prayed for “Unity in Compassion”
- “Mankind as Kindman”
- “All is Possible in Prayer”

A great and most powerful sense of strengthening of the heart and mind was felt, a “resolve” of growing purity of heart for humanity, a growing lovely warm expanding feeling of love …

All will be well
indeed –
All is Well

for the Light will/is overcoming the darkness.

It was felt that the whole room was flooded in the most glorious Golden Light – so very bright you could feel it was impossible to open your eyes to see its total brilliance!

The whole room was set alight in this golden illumination – so wondrous it was, and so extraordinarily peaceful….

Then, “The Light is over-coming the darkness”- words were given through Jesus.

The Lord poured Liquid Gold purifying all people everywhere who were honouring prayerfully this most Sacred Day….

Again spiritually, masses and masses of people as “Warriors of Light” were seen drawing to the Great Light. They carried torches of Light and they glowed with the Light – masses upon masses continued to be drawn carrying this astonishing Light……

“No evil will overturn the Light”. An immensely powerful sense of knowing this to be absolutely true was sensed.

“All is Safe-guarded”

Jesus, The Morning Star (seen as a deep blue star) the “Star of Hope for the World” was given in the understanding of this powerful message.

Then still amongst the “Spiritual Host of Light-Bearers” another picture slowly emerged. Great Archangels in different scintillating colours stood on a very fine marble staircase – Angels also were in attendance in glowing white.

A wondrous fragrance was sensed, and Our Lady appeared, being carried aloft, in a deep blue colour – with amazingly a red star on Her brow, amongst all the brilliant light of the Light-Beings. There was singing, and great powerful presence of the Mother Divine amongst us!

Red and gold were also prevalent colours, as though symbolising power…..

Our Lady gave Her personal message of thanks to all who had honoured this special day world-wide on earth.

As prayers were given again in gratitude, a great sense of expansion of Being was felt – as though blessings had indeed been given. Gently, then the prayer link was brought to a close.

Greetings in Our most loving thoughts and prayers are shared with you dear Ones in all Blessings always.

The Sanctuary Shoreline
Jersey, C.I.

With the thought of the Birth of Christ as a child at this time most especially around Christmas, may we please ask for your special prayers linked with our Friday 11 a.m. Prayer link world-wide, for the one billion dear children who are suffering through.


Let us through prayer, CAP this misery NOW, and END all suffering in bringing about prayerfully.

Heaven on Earth
Deo Gratis
All Blessings


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