A Message from the Angels on April 15th, 2005

In this sacred space, there is an oasis of love for you and the many others who seek to find the peace and beauty and the tranquillity of the Heavenly realms. We are here Dear Ones, to show you that we care and love you all for your sincere prayer requests for otherswho are less fortunate than yourselves. Your prayers will be honoured and accepted by our dear Mother Mary and passed on to Creator God who in His own loving time, will deal with each one individually and according to it urgency. All will be answered separately in the way that is best for the individual.

Keep on praying, keep on caring, keeping on loving, for We above look down on each of you with a magnitude of adoration and unconditional love, for all your efforts in helping others in your earnest prayers.

Never give up on your seeking for the Highest Good. We love you and wait patiently each minute of the day for your call to us for assistance .

There are many seeking help but do not know how to receive it, - You are there Dear Loved Ones to aid and assist them towards the Light, the Light the shines through the darkness. You are blessed to show them the way. We above will hear your cry and do everything to assist you in anyway we can.

You are the Light bearers of this world. Keep on shining like giant beacons around the world.

We are only a breath away from you, so shine, shine, shine, your beautiful Light upon those dear souls who are crying out for help.

Stay firmly in the love and light of our Dear Lord and He and all of us in the Highest Realms will always be there to stretch our hands to aid you through all the stormy waters into the calmer shores of beauty, peace and everlasting love. Stay strong be of good cheer, and always remember we send our love and manifest blessings to all of you who seek to bring power and glory to every living person on Earth who are willing to walk in the love and light.

Thank you Dear Ones from all above. We are most thankful that you have taken this precious time to tune in your special thoughts and prayers to us to be passed on to the Heavenly throne of the Great Master.

The Heavens are rejoicing in full choir to-day with loud praises of Hallelujah to the Servant King!



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