Response to World Wide Prayer Link January 17th, 2002

I felt moved to hold a Rosary during my prayer time and was particularly drawn to the beautiful pale green of the Chalice of Harmony Rosary. It always centres me and brings me immediate peace and calm when life is difficult.

I held up in prayer all the requests from my Golden Box of prayer, those deep in my heart and the many dire world situations. As I finished, there was a picture of a raging sandstorm and it seemed as though all the requests would be blown for miles and scattered and yet….. each one reached the Heavenly Realms, by which time they were in gentle motion, and almost frolicsome and joyful.

I was then moved to speak out in tongues and it became very like North American Indian and reached a crescendo, rather like the sandstorm, and then complete and utter deep peace and the following words came:

Many ones are going through severe storms of seeming
destruction in their lives - yet, in the very centre
of the eye of the storm is peace.
In due time storms come to pass, and stillness and quiet
is once more restored.
Hold fast to your faith.
Trust and pray through these storms of life
and a brighter and clearer vista manifests
with the welcome of God’s rainbow light
illuminating new directions.
Storms have a particular action in cleansing and
yet always there follows a time of peace and fulfilment.

All Blessings,

Moreen Maria-Rose Grace (Maureen’s Spiritual Name)


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