Response to World Wide Prayer Link June 17th, 2005

Heavy hearts mean heavy minds
and heavy bodies
and even heavy souls.

When this stony heaviness
Invades your peace and disturbs
Your thoughts, Offer it to God,
and simply sit in the silence and stillness until it transforms ….
for surely it will …
In God's Healing Light.

Simple allow your heaviness
to dissipate, and give
grateful thanks.

Yield - and be at peace

Now that you have yielded up to me
your biggest deepest problem. I am free
to move and bring about the transformation
necessary in your situation.

You will feel lighten and more free,
ad the joy and happiness you so desire
will have space to enter your being and blossom
and flower in beauty.

All the requests and yearnings
that you have presented to the Heavenly
Realms are being attended to with
love and devotion.

Sense and feel the deepest Peace
beginning to manifest in your heart and mind.
It will remain with you always.

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