The Glorious Response in Celebration of
the Universal Crystal Rosary Day – May 19th 2006

Let the Rosaries speak!
Be still and listen for they hold the spiritual qualities
of the special Angels who oversee their work.

The Rosarys are full of the fruits of the Holy Spirit
and therefore will cultivate in the wearer, love, joy,
peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness,
gentleness and self-control.

Each Rosary quietly works in the situation in which it
is placed, and even when not worn, will transmit its
particular qualities and resonances into the atmosphere
around it and far beyond.

The Rosarys can be likened to a newly planted orchard.
They are still in their infancy but with each passing
year will produce more and more fruit to create rich

The Rosarys and the work they are to do have been
richly honoured and blessed today, and so also has
the dear One who so obediently brought them into being.

Be encouraged that all will be needed for this
unique work will be provided, and guidance will
be given.


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In your double honouring
of this special day with such
commitment, dedication, and
joy, vast emanations of healing
have been transmitted far
and wide and most especially
for your two special ones.

Drink richly from this mornings
nectar and allow the warmth
and love to remain with you.
Richest Blessings!

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