Responses in our World Wide Link Prayer Time
on Friday 22nd June 2007 aligning with Spiritual Awareness Day Anniversary
Midsummer’s Day - June 24th 2007


This has been a most dynamic time for focus in prayer leading up to our great

“Celebration of Spiritual Awareness Day”.

On this occasion, wondrous insights were received through Margaret at our gathering here in our Shoreline Sanctuary.

The presence of the Lord Himself together with the presence of the Mother Divine were felt here, as our room was filled with glorious Light, warmth and energy. After holding all the cares and concerns of the world and opening our hearts and minds in deep prayerfulness to assist humanity to become aware of a Higher Consciousness of Being, words were received and particularly given for the ongoing work of the “Keys of Heaven – the Universal Crystal Rosarys” which were beautifully arranged together with candles and incense burning.

The Lord said “Blessed are the hands that made these Precious Tools for Me, and to be used throughout the Nations of the World – in His Love and His Grace. Blessings.”

After an interval where beautiful pictures were shown of the Heavenly Realms in all their glory, further words were given…….

“These are the Precious Jewels of Heaven. Through these many will come to know the Lord. They will become the ‘Way’ for, as it is in Heaven. They will bring Heaven on Earth.”

We were moved in deep gratefulness and share with you to bring healing grace and hope and heart.

With Love and Light.

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