Response to World Wide Prayer Link October 22nd, 2004

As I prayed fro all the concerns in my heart and for all the ones and situations represented on the cards of the Golden Box, they seemed to become as dots on a page. These tiny dots the formed themselves into the image of the face of the Christ, It all seemed to be indicating that each one of us has a vital space and place in the overall Divine Scheme and that we are all interconnected one with another. These words followed:


Each one and each situation for whom you pray has its space and place in the mosaic of the overall picture.

Each one is an important aspect of the whole, and is being guided, directed and healed according to individual needs.

In the masterpiece of the whole picture, each dot and fine is of equal importance, and makes a difference.

Each prayer, each thought, each blessing, sent with intention, fills a vital place in the great Masterpiece of Life.


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