Christmas Eve Morning, December 24th 2004

II visited Maureen in her Sanctuary home by the seashore, and she gave me a wonderful healing where she was led to make certain movements and gestures, and words flowed freely with intermittent spaces for rich silences. Maureen felt the smile of Our Lady on her face and towards the end of the healing was led to ask that Our Lady’s cloak of protection enfold the whole world. As she spoke these words I had a picture of the whole cloak surrounding the needy ones in the war torn areas of Mother Earth.

As the healing progressed, I felt my chakras vibrantly glowing stronger in their respective colours, and all elements of negativity and shadows seemed to be suddenly released beyond the chakras colours.

We then slipped gently into our prayer link time, and I found myself speaking through all the concerns on our hearts and those represented in the Golden Box of Prayer Requests. We gave our grateful thankfulness for all the Inspirational Words received in the years we known each other, and for Maureen’s Healing Ministry.

We had placed a folder of the latest Inspirational Words on our special alter (table) and in the quietness after our praying there was a wonderful impression of all the patterns and movement, resonance and lilt from these Divine words manifesting in an energy of transformation. It was as though the very essence and soul of the words was contributing to the responses of the Heavenly Realms. Truly, it was most powerful and profound.

Then these words flowed from our prayer time:-

You cannot know the depth of love you have reached
in your healing and prayerfulness today,
nor the intensity of light and colour
that has been triggered to flow through your bodies…..
yet immense and wonderful movements
have been set in motion.

Be deeply and richly assured
that your prayer and healing ministry
is evolving and bringing
results beyond your imagining.

Know that you are loved, honoured
and assisted at every level.

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