C A N ! - Conscious Awareness Now !

It can only take a moment, the power of prayer can open hearts and minds to initiate change.

Prayer can inspire phenomenal good !

At this time, when the melancholy media constantly repeats dire depressing and fearful news – we can with open hearts and minds aspire to change. Indeed, we can be the change to inspire others. We can, in love and light, prayerfully become personally empowered with truth and wisdom, heartfully and mindfully.

So now let us , every single time we hear fear, balance our minds in that very moment, with heartful prayer. Trust then, we can make a real difference, to create collectively momentous and mighty miracles of positive people in full empowerment, one with another, growing and surging with a huge hopefulness of humanity around the whole of our beautiful planet Earth.
Indeed we can!

So let us begin collectively, in ‘Conscious Awareness Now’ – it can only take a moment to pray.

It Can Only Take A Moment……

It can only take a moment to pray
or as many moments as you have…..
Yet in that moment mighty miracles can occur.

In that moment, a seed can be sown to
yield harvests for countless years.

In that moment, the hurts and limitations
of the past can be forgiven and let go.

In that moment, with millions praying
the world can change.

In this moment, transformation can take
place and thousands of seeds are sprouting
love, light, trust, faith, hope, joy and renewal
in harmony.

Thanks be to God.

So now truly heartened, we can lift up our hears to be the Love we truly are, sensing great expansion of Being, and so spreading the Light as a great beacon from one heart to another, to all and everyone in growing gloriously emanating’ Conscious Awareness Now!’

The Harmonic Convergence of collective Conscious Awareness can continue to resonate miracles in blessings of abundance for Mankind as Kindman, as “the Concept” -

“The Moments of Prayer linking Millions
Millions of Minutes of Prayer"

You may like to link with us in this “Concept” each day and especially on our Friday 11 a.m. world-wide prayer link.

CAN - Conscious Awareness Now through the power of prayer!

All Blessings.
The Sanctuary, Shoreline.

With grateful thanks for inspiration with Barack Obama’s “Change the World Yes We Can!”
and dear Sylvia’s inspiring “Precious Words.”

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