Liberation of Being !
Awakening to who we truly are, - out of the
limited boundary of previous perception.


We can 'Wake Up', and be free from past dogma and limiting beliefs, to facilitate this 'vehicle' for earth, our body and our mind - to respond to a higher Vibration of Being.

We can wake up and be from our 'dream state' of limitation, instead, responding to the signal that is generated from deep within, integrating Higher Awareness, and acknowledging our essential Soul's Journey.

This is the essential, through subtle cause of objectivity, that throws open the gates of limitation, to boundless creation. Probing this within, allows access far from the individual precepts of limitations, of only a few well used 'channels' in which to operate,- to a hugh complex access of 'radio' bands unlimited and unbounded. That means that previous 'programming', that set past beliefs through well meaning parents, teachers, etc., are now open to 're-vision', indeed, a complete re-wiring of responses! When we challenge these 'precepts' with new, outside the box perceptions, er are released into a though filed of potent possibilities,- so further letting go of the boundaries of conditioning, instead - waking up to the field of infinite choices!

This relates to our being linked to our Higher Selves, that potent part of us, generally, we do not access, but now the essential part of our Potential for Being/Purpose for Being.

This indeed, allows us to be what is meant by being-
'the beautiful Being you truly are, unlimited and unbounded in the Oneness of Creation'

Wow - this is indeed the 'Wake Up' call!

With all in heart and mind, in the aspirations of evolving humanity in healing and harmony, we invite you all to link each Friday 11 a.m. in the Concept of the World-Wide Prayer Link.

All Blessings. In Love and Light, as always
Sanctuary, Shoreline