Honouring Spiritual Awareness Day
on Sunday 24th June 2007 Midsummer’s Day


In answer to pray, I was well enough to journey to Maureen’s Sanctuary home to honour this most special day. Maureen had prepared the room beautifully, with loving care, mindful of every little detail, with the Special Folder relating to the establishment of the Greater Sanctuary placed amongst the Jewels of Heaven. The complete set of Universal Crystal Rosarys were displayed on the special deep blue cloth and was a feast for the eyes. Maureen attended to my needs with great care as I am in a delicate state ensuring that I was warm and comfortable. I wore for this special occasion, the new glorious Celebration of Life Rosary, which I absolutely love with the wondrous dynamic colours combined with turquoise and amber.

We began our prayer time by reading out the “Star Healing Prayer” from the White Eagle Lodge.

We hold all humanity in the Golden Light of the Christ Star and see the power of the Son of God working in the hears of all people;

We see the light of the Christ Star, through the Angels of healing, reaching to all who suffer, and inspiring all who seek to relieve suffering;

We hold all who have asked for help or healing within the healing Light of the Star,

We hold all animals, the world of Nature, and Mother Earth herself within this healing Light. May God’s Blessing be upon this work. Amen.

Maureen then led us in prayer as she was prompted covering concerns in her heart and many other aspects of living, both global and local. Prayers were also given for the Greater Sanctuary, already prepared in the Etheric, - to manifest on Earth, to bring Heaven on Earth in great beauty and hope, pioneering the great empowerment of Being for mankind to blossom in the fulfilment of life.

We sat in the wondrous deep quiet that had accumulated from our time of prayer - and then these words were divinely given.

“You sit in your gentle cocoon of wondrous peace and light and love, yet you are like a lighthouse beaming rays far and wide to bring enrichment of soul to so many. Yet also, you are like the butterfly in the chrysalis, with great transformation on hold. But soon, you must leave the cocoon and you will fly with wondrous wings to perfect all that has been held in prayer and blessings.

So great and deep is your prayerfulness on this Special Day, that all manner of good has been released.”

These wondrous words had a most dramatic on Maureen. She leaned over low as in humility and humbleness and felt a great gushing throughout her body in confirmation, in wonder and in awe.

Indeed, we are most grateful for this response in prayer and we are happy to share all this with you, to encourage you in your prayer time in hope and heart……..

Sylvia and Maureen.



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