Maureen arrived at Sylvia’s home exhausted and battered both from life’s events and a frightening journey in dreadful weather conditions but after some time of friendship, fellowship and sharing, Maureen was revived enough to lead our prayers for the Friday prayer link.

The prayers were beautiful and flowed in a wonderful way, encompassing everything on our hearts and minds and in the Golden Box. Sylvia added a few prayers of her own seeking assistance for Maureen’s health and wellbeing and then we sat in the in the special deep quietness and peace after the praying and these words came to me:


Much has been experienced. Much has been accomplished.
Much has been shared and much has been changed during
this morning of fellowship and prayer.

You are true dedicated Light Workers and are richly blessed.
Know that you are being helped and strengthened at this time.
Be encouraged and continue your work, yet make time for fun
and play and lightness! There must be balance in all things.




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