Be encouraged
The Blueprint for Transformation has Engaged!


Dear Ones,

This insight was given to offer a "h'ope-heart" at this time, as so many of us are feeling the dire distress of the many souls caught up in the never ending news pre-occupation, of presenting undermining and horrific events. These become constantly compounding as a hugh and heavy array of negative enrgies, pounding down on our very Beings, from little children and our whole families, to whole nations and indeed our whole world at large! It was with these thoughts on heart and mind that prayers were given to bring love and light in harmony and grace for the world.

The following "precious words' were given to Sylvia in response to our prayer link. These seem again appropriate now.

"You are surrounded by media news focusing on problems, tradgedies, and seemingly unsurmountable confrontations - yet the Light is shining through and transformations are occurring!

It is as though, mankind is caught in a hugh chrysalis state of entrapment in lack of heart, yet the blueprint for transformation has engaged and the process is in motion for the emergence of the beautiful butterflies of peace and perfection in due time and place....."

Be of good heart and encouraged.
All our prayers assist in a part of "the chrysalis" transformation.
Trust the blueprint of transformation has engaged.......

In a special Holy Memorable Month of May of good intent on a world-wide scale, there is surely the great opportunity to increase the receptivity of Mankind as Kind Man!

- Our hearts and minds are uplifted in gratitude, with so much to acknowldege.

- Gratitude is the key to enable Unity in Compassion to foster good-will and harmony.

- We are then further enabled as in a co-operate collective intent to indeed be

"Mankind as Kind Man"

We invite you all link each Friday 11 a.m. in the Concept of the World-wide Prayer Link.

All Blessings. In Love and Light, as always
Sanctuary, Shoreline