A Bridge of Science with Spirituality

Beloved Ones,
Science linked with Spirituality could be bringing new insight with shared knowledge!

As time has elapsed since printing Healing Journeys, I have felt that a further key in understanding “the slip in dimension to a Higher Realm” should be given as an additional introduction to Healing Journeys.

In the great science experiment of our time, the Hadron Collider is bringing to the forefront of experiment, protons and electrons in quantum physics with the express purpose of trying to discover more about our universe and multi-dimensions. In this, nations from all over the world with accredited top scientists and high finance, are co-operating in this massive undertaking.

-- Supposing now, we awaken to visualise, and take a step further in a global ideal with altruistic ethics, and integrate all mighty spiritual aspects with new scientific data.

What could then be achieved?

The possibility of releasing aspirational knowledge to radically assist humanity’s evolution for all manner of wHoly good.

Surely this highest ideal, is attainable with collective respect in best ethics and practice, answerable to higher spiritual authority.

Envisage then a New Golden Age!

Truly, only with extraordinary international integrity in global science can the bridge of pure spirituality co-operate in unparallel possibilities.

What dynamic, exciting potential is possible!

Matter with miracles merge!
Truly, only with extraordinary international integrity in global science can the bridge of pure spirituality co-operate in unparallel possibilities.

What dynamic, exciting potential is possible!

Matter with miracles merge!

In a way this happened with Healing Journeys. A slip in dimension with the assistance of Higher Authority, was given to another vibrational life, an insight and experience given for better understanding in

“the illumination of our immortality”.

The process of melding science with spirituality may not be too easy to express, particularly as in this process, as it is an almost unique phenomenon of leading edge enlightenment. In fact, this truly extraordinary phenomenon is not what we as human beings usually put our hearts and minds around, to acknowledge in every day living…..

But – I will try in these ongoing few extra words, to give you my dear reader, further insight for you with open hearts and minds to discern – as creating

“a bridge of science with spirituality”.

Through deep prayerfulness, and then in an altered state of higher awareness, with Divine invitation and direction, together with the attendants of the Masters of the Heavenly Hosts, we were able to “slip dimensions” – finding ourselves in the next Realm. The Realm that is normally only reached when souls have passed on, as when died – the place happily known as Heaven.

This is where naturally our spirits soar as we pass on, whilst our bodies are left here, in the death state, lifeless. Our bodies are simply vehicles for our spiritual beings, to experience life whilst on earth. That vehicle, our body, is simply what holds our greater self – spirit, whilst we live and learn and develop, hopefully for greater good whilst on our brief sojourn, here on earth. Then upon “death”, we are released from that body, free to rise with the help of the Angels into a greater spiritual life – in the Heavenly dimension, for further evolvement of being…..

In this particular case, as recorded in Healing Journeys, a most exceptional gift, indeed a wondrous Divine blessing was given to enable us, spiritually, to be safely propelled to the next realm – Heaven, as we know it to be, and look ,learn and participate in numerous experiences there, over very many years.

This was given to be living proof, that most definitely there is life after death, albeit in another vibration of Being, and these wondrous details are faithfully recorded, so as all can know the sights and sounds, the views and feelings of the life to come, when and where we will all naturally pass on at death. All has been asked to be recorded, and this is given under the auspices of Divine Authority with the express purpose of bringing light, love, trust and hope to the world. So be it. I hope you are smiling now!- You see here, there is an emphasis on Spiritual Law – but perhaps this needs to be our guidance for future greater scientific grand enterprise and discovery into even finding multi-dimensions…..

Perhaps this needs to be the balanced criteria for best practice in the future co-ordination of science and spirituality in a new founded New World, indeed a new Earth as in Heaven!

Can we globally be enquiring with respect, consideration and compassion, and so bring “out of the box” revelations allowing an innovative, ethical, spiritual agenda to merge with specific scientific data.

Is this the Iconic Cosmic Key to our New World?

Then in our new thinking, our new understanding, are we ready to invoke Higher Spiritual Authority to reveal seemingly the miraculous merging of matter…..

Let us awaken to evolve in simplicity, by endorsing the Heart with the Mind, Love with Light, Truth with Wisdom, Thoughts with Possibilities, and so open a new way forward to bring hidden knowledge for greater understanding with new dimensional opportunities.

Surely, we can feel now with focused mind and heart of good intent, and find a way forward linked with the Universal Divine, to bring lasting love and light to our world.

- Harmony for Mankind as Kind Man. –


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