World-Wide Prayer Link Response,
- A Bridge from the Old Days to the New Beginnings…..
The Transformational Blessing of the Jewels of Heaven

We heartfully prepared for our World-wide prayer link, especially mindful of the Anniversary of the Assumption of Our Lady – as when Mary, upon passing from this world, had been received in full Glory in the Heavenly Realms……

Indeed, there was an overwhelming sense, while settling in deep prayerfulness, of gratitude and love for all that had been given through the Grace of the Mother Divine in Her great love in the ongoing Revelation of the Resonating Crystals to bring ‘Unity in Compassion for the whole world’. The full set of the twelve Rosarys in beautiful harmony of all the colours, had been placed upon a most gorgeous pillow edged all around with feathers! So lovely!

In the Concept, of ‘Moments of Prayer linked with Millions in Millions of Minutes of Prayer’
we drew to heart and mind all those requesting prayers held in the ‘Golden Box’. At this time, we felt moved to embrace ‘Help for our Heroes,’ and all their suffering from war torn circumstance, - for comfort and peace for our whole world.

There grew an all pervading sense of the Light of the Holy Spirit, here in the Sanctuary room, as we settled into deep meditation. Indeed, there was a sense of this being a most Sacred occasion.

--- A scene was given of an ancient building with heavy stone arches, white robed figures walked in single file, a gleaming gold Cross held by one at their head. Deeply resonating bells rang out “dauhm, - dauhm, - dauhm” in solemn celebration. A soft chanting with the name of Mary clearly invoked, continued as the procession moved along, bringing an intense depth of utter peacefulness. This was a scene set way back in old times of Liturgical Dedication to Mary.

---Then dramatically, a change of focus, - the special cushion holding the ‘Jewels of Heaven- the Resonating Crystal Rosarys’ came into view, spotlighted in the brightest Golden Light. There were whispers and gasps, but the words were unknown amongst the crowd. The cushion supporting such beauty continued to be held high as a most Solemn Divine Blessing was given in the brilliance of the Golden Light.

It was as though there was a melding of ancient and modern, -‘ transformational’, as given symbolically, presenting ancient traditions as set back in time to now, New Beginnings of this time to bring harmony, peace, love and joy . Thus, providing a Bridge from the old days to the new beginnings!

A great heat was felt in our whole bodies, and continuing vibrations in our hands and through our arms, with intense joy as though a great smile in our hearts, whilst the greater sense of wondrous Holiness prevailed…..

Thanks be to God.

Received in meditation, Sanctuary, Shoreline

With all Blessings.

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