On the Eve of the Celebration of the Immaculate Conception 2007

Our World Wide Friday Prayer Link was held on December 7th, the eve of the great celebration of the Immaculate Conception. On this particular day, we were feeling tired and drained and battered with our own personal difficulties, with earthly problems extremely challenging and because of the horrendous stormy weather that has persisted for over a week with excessive winds and rain battering day and night.

It is to be understood that this weather is all part of the immense changes to the environment that our dear Earth is suffering, and being here on an island, surrounded by sea, plays a major part in the ferocity of the swirling winds around us on such a tiny peace of land.

--- And so it was, we sat looking out at the surging sea on the eve of this special day at the Sanctuary, Shoreline. As we held all in deep prayerfulness, a most wondrous response was then given.

A great ‘refuge’ was felt. A refuge indeed, as we were placed within the Heavenly Realms at the huge doors of a radiant Temple. These immensely tall golden doors proceeded to open for us, - and so we entered in the stillness.

Once inside, we beheld might most grand steps set in marble with a deep blue carpeted centred tread way ahead of us. On each side of the staircase were glorious white scintillating statuesque Angels who stood clothed in a white shimmer with a golden sash whilst in front of them were pure white lilies in abundance. As the Angels stood in attendance, we drifted up the enormous staircase. I say ‘drifted’ because there was no effort involved in our movement, we just effortlessly ‘glided so to speak’ up the immense staircase, quite slowly, distinctly aware of the glowing Angels as we passed by.

We were being drawn toward the immense Light streaming from the great dome of the Temple roof. It attracted us enormously as the focus of the ‘Journey’.

Then the glorious Light beings began pouring down on us instilling most sacred peace. Our hearts overflowed as in a great ’Chalice of Harmony’ bathing us Joy and Renewal, whilst a great Heavenly fanfare of trumpets was heard – (though musicians not seen) triggering a vast expansion of our Beings in wondrous awe, delight and freedom…….

All was well. All was very well.

There was a great power in the Presence of the Light and although not heard, an awareness understood, revealed that

“I will transform those who obey my word”

Upon return of this ‘healing journey’ we felt relaxed – indeed in a state of Bliss, absolutely soothed and settled.

Then truly, our hearts sang out in praise together after our return to the Sanctuary with ‘Joy to the Lord the Angels sign, let the word be praise forever and ever.’

We offer this Heaven insight given in healing grace in Divine peacefulness from heart to heart to uplift and feel peace in the world.

In all Blessings of Abundance. Amen.


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