Divine Energy!


Everything in your world is energy.....every thought, every action, every movement, all growth, all speech, even breathing is enabled through energy.

Creation came into being through the energy of sound, vibration, and Love.

Love is a powerful energy and there is a Divine Synergy of Love and Intention in prayer, which releases a spiritual energy making all things possible.

The more Love you can geneate in your heart, the more enrgy you will have and it will be transmitted to others causing shifts in attitudes, hearts, and minds.

Cultivate therefore the art of feeling Love in your heart and your whole being and you will witness an explosion of loving energy, dissipating the negativity around so many people and situations.

Be encouraged and be awakened to the wonderful Divine Energy of Love!

With all in heart and mind, in the aspirations of evolving humanity in healing and harmony, we invite you all to link each Friday 11 a.m. in the Concept of the World-Wide Prayer Link.

All Blessings. In Love and Light, as always
Sanctuary, Shoreline