The Festival of the New Golden Age Crystal Rosary
at the
Sanctuary of the Mother Divine of the Cosmos

All had been in great preparation for this most special day! Last year we had gathered at the Grotto of the Mother Divine, amidst most sunny and warm weather. This year was blustery and wet, so all was prepared for our gathering to be inside.

The ‘Pool of Blue in Love and Light’ was prepared with all twelve new Crystal Rosarys set in a circle, with tea-lights at the crystal pendulums radiating outwards. The new Rosebud Crystal Rosarys with crystal tear-drop pendulums were set around this centre, together for the very first time. A blue glass bowl of holy water with a special candle amidst fresh floating flowers formed the very centre-piece. All manner of little crystal creatures entwined with the rosarys and all around the edge - outside the circle of the candles, lovely garlands of fresh honeysuckle in all their fragrance completed the scene.

The Rosary Tree was lit with fairy lights and other candles set around the room all setting a glorious picture of love and light indeed!

When those gathering first arrived, we walked down to the Grotto of the Mother Divine where we felt all of nature present amidst the song of birds and the wind blowing, where we linked together prayerfully for a little while. We then gathered at the Buddha at the apple tree next to the cherry and fig tree - all so fresh and bright after the showers….

We then came inside and settled in all the beauty of the candle-light. As usual we opened most prayerfully with healing and balancing of the chakras for harmony of ourselves and then with each other, all in gentle ease and grace. We had each chosen a crystal Rosary amongst ourselves to assist our attunement in a higher consciousness through this “Divine Tool” as given in our Lady’s Revelation.

Empowerment of Being
New Beginnings
Unconditional Love
Liberation of Being
Heaven on Earth
Incoming Soul
Fruition/Higher Attunement
Nurturing Grace
Chalice of Harmony
New Millennium
Valiant Spirit
Joy and Renewal

With special prayers continuing to be shared, more opening of our beings followed. A most wonderful energy began to be felt building up and spiralling out to assist humanity in healing, as in open heart and mind spreading around the world linking with all those prayerfully attuning with us at this time. We prayed for those dear ones suffering lost and afraid and desperate. Also for leaders who have the God given opportunity to give assistance to humanity and focusing especially on world-wide leaders for their endeavours for a greater opportunity for peace. The prayers continued for many who had asked for prayer whose names were kept in the Golden Box, and for those who needed comforting and care in all walks of life. The healing grace spread out on a world wide endeavour for those in poverty or famine, distress or disease and the focus surrounded Mother Earth herself for her healing grace.

We spent some time in silence and stillness, aware of a great depth of peace. Gently, after some considerable time, “holy manner” was offered in the way of little sweetbreads and fruit drink as a culmination and blessing on all that had been given.

As each began to speak of their response, a great welling up of the heart was felt and intense heat and tingling. The presence of Our Lady and the angels had been felt. Musical sounds had been heard and wonderful visions had unfolded in Heavenly Grace.

We then gathered in a circle with hands linked with one another in most grateful thankfulness for all the blessings that had been so wondrously given. On this special occasion of the Festival, these precious words were given.

The Rosarys are Divine instruments of love, peace and healing
They are Divinely attuned to strengthen intuition
and develop inner grace
The Rosarys are Divinely encoded to bring forth
all manner of healing and spiritual development
They are created from Earth’s provision
yet enable the wearer to touch the Heavenly Realms
The Rosarys are just beginning their work on Earth
The Mission of the Rosarys is an evolving grace
to bring peace on earth to all mankind.

Thanks be to God.

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