Friendships made in Heaven


Sylvia at Maureen’s home in her beautiful Sanctuary where our prayer time was held – All is given in hope and heart and blessings for all who pray alone or who may link with us especially at 11 a.m. in our world-wide prayer link each Friday.

Maureen came to visit me and whilst discussing things over a coffee, we decided that in our prayer time we needed to pray about the Technological Revolution we are experiencing. We felt we needed to pray that this would be used only for good, and to bring about a better life for many people, including the poorer countries, and without endangering the atmosphere with more pollution.

So Maureen incorporated this consideration when she led the prayers and her words flowed in a beautiful pattern encompassing all that we had spoken about, and much more.

There seemed to be an unusually high energy building and growing to a profound intensity as Maureen progressed, and I was given a picture of a symbol which incorporated love and caring around the world for use with mobile telephones, computers and other such equipment. It was the letters IT inscribed on a heart and with a circle around it.

Words were trying to make themselves known to me but I found the sheer intensity of energy made it more difficult, but these words finally came together:


There is a radiant freedom of Being manifesting
for each of you at this time.

True friendships are made in Heaven and two souls working
in love and commitment achieve so much.

Be richly blessed today.
You have touched higher levels in the Healing Realms
through your deep and honest trust and commitment.




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