The Goodness of the Heart of Humanity must Blossom!


The Way of the Heart is the place within us all that embraces purity of Love and Light, allowing vibrations to emanate out to help heighten the very fabric of the Universe.

The underlying quality of pure intent, entwined with the grace of Love and Light for the wHoly good of all humanity, benefits with the Law of Cause and Effect and the Law of Attraction, combining in a most powerful force-field of energy to a greater reality perception, super-imposing magnificent manifestation of great portent world wide.

It is one of the Aspects of Resonance of the Great Power/Divine Energy, that has brought the visionary ideal of bringing Heaven to Earth in the pioneering form of the “Greater Sanctuary.” All has been held in prayerfulness continuously over many years. Prayers are interfaced with assistance and grace from the Higher Realms, and on a practical level, in this case, with an extraordinary benefactor who will emerge at the right time, to assist manifestation. This will bring to fruition on an earthly level in response to that call, a furthering empowering of the

“Goodness of the Heart of Humanity to Blossom!”

There is a sense of the awakening call becoming ever stronger, a wake up, wise up awareness, essential for us all for the wHoly good to seek change as called for now. Towards this, people will grow naturally in more understanding in present day hidden knowledge, as in a paradigm of higher state of awareness linking in with natural changes for the higher evolvement of mankind.

Firstly, on an individual basis, as prayerful intent, and then spreading as in the Way of the Heart, from heart to heart, one with another, on an ever unfolding global gathering of humanity honouring courage for change.

This is also the “Concept Prayer” to empower change most powerfully, spiritually endorsed, on a worldwide scale to care for one another with respect, indeed - Mankind as KindMan.
The wisdom to recognise this personally, then growing globally, will counteract extraordinary challenges and so open the heart and mind to create viable optimism for the world, which is obtainable and sustainable, and indeed will bring us to a wondrous Way of the Heart.

Towards this, the “Goodness of the Heart of Humanity to Blossom” must be honoured.

We invite you all to link each Friday 11 a.m. in the Concept of the World-wide Prayer Link.

Moments of Prayer linked with Millions in Millions of Minutes of Prayer"

With All Blessings, H’Ope’n Heart
Maureen Rose


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