The Greatest Gift


The greatest gift you can give to others is to encourage them,
by your example, to take charge of their own lives whilst
allowing Me, the Living God, to work in their day to day activities.

Encourage them to stay in the deep silence after prayer and to listen.

You already have words to indicate that the greatest compassion
possible to point a person towards their own liberation.

It is not to confront, obstruct or cause conflict.

My way is gentle and takes the form of guidance, through words, inner promptings and the human messengers I use on a daily basis.

Physical, neighbourly help such as demonstrated by the Good Samaritan is needed of course, but too much can be smothering.

I tell you therefore, that to point another being in the direction of discovering and learning for themselves is the highest form of compassion and assistance you can offer.

This is one of the pearls of wisdom I promised in your words on Friday morning.



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