Dearest Ones,

"Thoughts and words of intention addressed to God, transform into prayer and reach into the Heavenly Dimensions. Once these thoughts are words have become prayers, - movement, transformation and resolvements of these expressions of difficulties, can take place.

No prayer is too small, or too enormous – it just is……. and always receives loving and wise action for the highest and best outcome possible. Always, give thanks when you pray – for know that a process of resolvement has already begun.”

Maureen came to my home by the sea and we held our prayer link together as it was not possible to meet on the Friday as I needed to go to Hospice. Because of the state of my health, Maureen stood behind me to ask for extra healing for me, and she began speaking through our prayers in a beautiful flowing lilt and resonance, as she was led, to cover all that was in our hearts and minds, and in the Golden Box of Prayer.

At the close of Maureen’s inspired prayers, I felt compelled to add some few of my own, particularly for health and vitality for Maureen, and then I spoke out Maureen’s beautiful

Precious Healing Balm Prayer

"We imbibe the Manna from Heaven. We breathe in the Dew of God. We absorb the Magnificent Divinity, instilling blessings in tranquillity. As the Fragrance of the Rose is natural to her Beauty, as the Brilliance of the Lily is perfect for her Purity, - so Manna from Heaven is drawn through our very Beings to enrich the Soul’s Divinity, bestowing Amazing Grace in Serenity.”

We both felt we had received a truly powerful healing, and regard the “Healing Balm Prayer” to be exceptionally dynamic. We stayed in this special deep Peace and Quietness for some time afterwards and then these words were given……….

“The Healing Light of the Christ Star has shone its powerful Rays on and in your Beings.
You will gain great strength and peace from this, and will impart it to all those who come close to you.

You have been richly blessed, and your loving commitment to the Spiritual Way of Life is acknowledged.

You have truly imbibed the Manna from Heaven.”

Maureen and Sylvia



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