Heart, Compassion, Love and Expression

Healing has been given on all levels through the earnestness of prayer and the true compassion of heart, and will manifest softly, slowly and gently through the coming days as a flower blossoming in its due timing. Hold firm to your faith, believe and trust, and watch the miracle unfold.

These were the words following an exceptional healing that occurred when Maureen came to visit me for our Friday prayer link. I had almost been too tired to receive Maureen after a battering time of trauma, sickness,
and too many events happening, and a lack of personal space.

As Maureen opened in prayer, she felt a tremendous prickling and heat in her hands, and I turned my own hands upward to receive and had the sensation of sparkling raindrops falling on to my hands and all over my body. As Maureen placed her hands on my body and felt how greatly the tumour had increased in size, she was overcome with compassion, and cried out imploringly in Jesus' name for me to be healed. She spoke it out twice and then again in God's name and I spoke out to say that I received the healing with love and gratitude - something I had never done before. Some moments before praying, Maureen had felt extremely cold and had required an extra jacket but she became incredibly hot with beads of perspiration she touched and held my feet also, and shed many tears..... in fact she described it as 'her soul sobbing.'

Maureen felt compelled to crawl back to her seat after the praying to honour the humility of the occasion and she was completely breathless and exhausted. After staying in the quiet for some moments, the words recorded above flowed into me and I wrote them down.

You have reached new heights in your prayerfullness today.

With such earnestness of heart, such compassion, such love, such expression..

You have drawn in yet more and more of the Heavenly Realms to
assist you in your endeavours.

Know that magnificent movements are taking place in answer
to your prayers and great honouring."



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