Heavenly Grace

Maureen came to visit me at my home, and it was a most poignant and touching time, as Maureen could see how much my health and strength had deteriorated since she last came, - and it was more obvious that my life-span is rapidly lessening.

We put together a little table as an altar, including on it a beautiful drawing in draft form, of the centre piece of “The Sanctuary to be” - incorporating the Great Shrine of the Mother Divine. But before we began our prayers, I had asked Maureen to place her hands on my throat and chest area where I had a very strong pain.

Maureen held her hand there whilst speaking out the words of the “Precious Healing Balm Prayer”, she had received during the night before, - and the pain gradually subsided.

Maureen continued in earnest yet prayerfulness, speaking softly through all the concerns in our hearts, and then I added some prayers for Maureen’s own health and wellbeing and for the work she has been Divinely commissioned to carry out.

In the deep, profound quietness afterwards, these words came:-

“In your simplicity and honesty and loving approach,
one for another, you have accessed another healing aspect
of the Heavenly Realms.

Each of you has been richly blessed this day and touched by
the Holy Spirit.

Go forth now in Peace.”



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