H ope’n Heart for our Beautiful World ! 2009

Dearest Ones,

As we move on from Christmas Tidings to this New Year now, our secret hopes and heartfelt dreams are on our minds, to bring all those we love good health and happiness and abundance, and for the world as a whole to become a better place for us all to live together in peace and harmony. There is an overpowering sense, that together with love and respect for one another we can create a better world. Surely we can!

Importantly the input of the media now, needs to see wholeness and stability for humanity world-wide and most particularly, for the vulnerable minds of our children of this world.

Media manipulation of unending horror and drama has aggravated a critical world of chaos. There are crisis changes so exaggerated, that the inner vibrations of humanity are unable to mirror the outside projection, as in two phases of evolution not in sequence - that is to say, outward patterns projected are too fast and harsh for the inner mirror vibrations of ourselves to achieve balance, and so pressure, fragmentation and disarray occurs.

So let us now help counteract this chaos……

Imagine then, if each one of us prayed for everybody else all around the world for peace, harmony and goodwill.

Imagine then, the power of change! Indeed this prayerful, positive, powerful intention can bring the changes for the world’s wHoly good, now.

With this in heart and mind you may wish to link with us each week, Friday 11 a.m., in our World-Wide Prayer Link.

“Moments of Prayer linked with Millions
Millions of Minutes of Prayer"


Happy New Year in H ope’n Heart for our Beautiful World!

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