The Jigsaw of Life


Maureen came to visit me for the World-wide Friday Prayer Link, and as usual she opened in prayer and her words flowed in a wonderful lilt, encompassing all the matters on our hearts that we wished to pray for including all those in our Golden Box for prayer, and then on to a much wider scope of world situations of dire need. As Maureen began, I felt as though everything was in movement, swinging almost like a pendulum, and Maureen told me afterward that I was actually swaying where I sat. As the words went on, I saw more and more colour and movement….. Vibrant colours of every hue going round and round like a huge record on a turntable, and then it all became like an immense circular jigsaw puzzle. Maureen followed her prayers with a special healing prayer for me and laid her hands over the tumour. I felt a strong vibration and a great sense of peace. In the beautiful quietness after the praying, these words were given to me:-

“The huge jigsaw of life and evolvement is slowly taking
shape. More pieces are moving into place, and the empty
places are gently waiting for the time that the appropriate
pieces will be ready.

Remember, that the pauses and empty spaces, are vital to
the overall picture.

Be patient….. Be watchful…..Be joyful along the way,
and above all, be richly blessed.”

With all Blessings.


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