Mindful of our Universal Crystal Rosary Celebration Day May 19th


Mindful of our Universal Crystal Rosary Celebration Day May 19th, this glorious response to our Prayer Link gives us hope and heart, in the continuing unfolding grace of

The Crystal Resonating Rosary.

It was a bright sunny morning for our World-Wide Prayer Link, here in the Sanctuary, Shoreline. We sat prayerfully in gratitude and joy then, settling quietly into our meditation. Indeed there certainly was a sense of joy and renewal in the air, and we felt bathed in brightest light and love immediately.

- Afterwards, Margaret shared her truly ‘happy hour’ – with a big smile on her dear face. The theme of the meditation she received with insight, had been the Crystal Rosary, mirror tree and handbags! Very clearly, also, she had seen a picture of a most beautiful “mirror tree” emblazoned with the Crystal Rosary “full of the fruits of the spirit” as Jesus said, with all their colours reflected in the mirrors that made up this most beautiful and gloriously unexpected sight, enhanced with handbags!

The Lord said

“As time goes by, inside many a handbag there will be the Crystal Rosary, ready to hand, close to the heart. These Precious Jewels of Heaven, are to be used as Divine Tools with reverence and joy. Don’t forget your handbag – it’s taken everywhere and will delicately hold these Precious Jewels of Light, to be used anywhere, - beach, bus or business, out in the world, and to be used often!”

It would appear just as women hardly go anywhere without “the handbag” in all its shapes, sizes and colour, so there will be the beautiful Crystal Rosary seen everywhere, to be used and valued, and be close to heart and hand.

With this loving thought from the Lord, we felt so joyful, truly full of smiles in the heart, and full of love and light and blessings. Wondrously with further insight continuing to be given with the Grace of the Mother Divine, saying

“The tree of light will be a very important part of the New Beginnings in the radiance of the Rosary, as Precious Jewels of Learning, expanding knowledge, wisdom and truth, world-wide.”

Overwhelmed with the importance shown of this most wonderful mirror tree, we felt mindful to actually have this tree and through extraordinary good fortune, the tree now stands here in the Shoreline Sanctuary in readiness for our great Easter Celebration, as

The Illumination Tree of Love and Light.

We then closed in deep Gratitude – the key to enable
Unity in Compassion to foster good-will and harmony world-wide.

We invite you all to link each Friday 11 a.m. in the Concept of the World-Wide Prayer Link.

“Moments of Prayer linked with Millions in Millions of Minutes of Prayer"

With all blessings in abundance for this Easter tide. The Sanctuary, Shoreline.

With All Blessings, H’Ope’n Heart
Maureen Rose


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