World-Wide Prayer Link Response,
Lovingly Observing – In Witness as Kind Man

If we can witness ourselves, from the aspect of the inner child, with the heart of compassion, just as a parent lovingly watches their own child - we can be lovingly observant of ourselves. In noticing then, our unfolding developments, whilst becoming aware of the strategy of our own self, there can be a revelation, towards recognising the seeds of purity of intent or otherwise, implanted in the past. Now, in observing this consequence, we can relate as to whom we are in the process of becoming…

In becoming lovingly observant, we may then find a growing awareness of being more able to help ourselves, and so becoming more balanced and in harmony with our very Being. In understanding this, we may then spur a yearning, indeed an awakening, towards a more evolved higher consciousness awareness of Being, exemplifying good purpose for ‘the Way’ ahead.

In this way. together with other likeminded souls, we may then collectively embrace a higher consciousness, not only one with another and then all together, but, including the very Earth Herself. For Mother Earth is suffering whilst She is evolving, as reflecting our own consciousness - our vibrations, that we are emitting at this time. And so it is of enormous importance, we think and reflect a more caring and kind nature of Being, so as to become

“Mankind as Kind Man.”

Visualise then, with us all embracing inclusively the purity of Love and Light, in such hope and heart, that all manner of good upon Earth can prevail!

Indeed, we can help to bring
Heaven on Earth, in lovingly observing Unity of Compassion as Kind Man!

I hope this brings a smile to the heart that can be embraced in our world-wide Prayer Link of

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With All Blessings

The Sanctuary, Shoreline, Jersey, Channel Islands.

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