Powerful Peacefulness


Our World Wide link of prayer continues faithfully each week with many insights given through the Grace of God to inspire and lift up our hearts and to encourage us all with wondrous response.

As the peace of the world continues to be buffeted in these tumultuous times, we most especially prayed for Peace, with a sense of harmony and well being with

Mankind as Kind Man

A scene of a torrential waterfall was given, absolutely huge from very high pouring over the rocks, and as the waters tumbled down, so in the great haze, wondrous rainbows scintillated. The surge was as a most powerful Presence of Glory - embracing the fullness of the Power of God in the magnificence of nature.

Further from the huge haze of water vapour, many people of the Heavenly Realms were seen in a most joyful state of singing and clapping hands, praying and praising, as the water continued to cascade down.

- It seemed to be a replica of a vast Biblical scene, with time and space unfolding in the powerful Presence of God, in an overview of prayer without ceasing. Be strong in prayer.

A vital and overwhelming sense of rejoicing and renewal was felt that actually lifted our spirits remarkably.

All is well.
Thanks be to God.

With all Blessings.
The Sanctuary, Shoreline



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