The Anniversary of the Petition for “The Greater Sanctuary”

The following “Precious Words” were received a year ago this week, at our Friday 11 a.m. World-Wide Prayer Link. Since that momentous time, dear Sylvia has passed on. It was her desire that she would continue this work from the Higher Realms at the appropriate time. Contact has been made with her and special words given for her evolving state and chosen task. With impact of this great intention, again being recorded on the ether and with all being held in powerful prayer, we trust a very positive response will soon be recorded.

And so it is we felt it appropriate at this special anniversary to publish again this moving experience we shared for our commitment to the Greater Sanctuary coming to fruition, together with the Resonance of the Universal Crystal Rosary for the New Golden Age, as given through the Revelation of the Mother Divine to “unite humanity in compassion”.

The Petition presented to the Heavenly Realms for the
Inauguration of the Greater Sanctuary to bring Heaven on Earth

Maureen visited me with the express purpose of presenting as a Petition in Prayer (as carried out in her book “Healing Journeys”) in the document she has just completed, which defines her vision for the provision of “the Sanctuary”, the work of the Universal Crystal Rosary and Healing Ministry. It represents 25 years of dedication and devotion to all manner of healing aspects and will result in a wonderful centre of excellence known as “the Sanctuary” being established here on the Island of Jersey, Channel Islands, - where every conceivable aid to healing body, mind, emotions and spirit will be lovingly attended.

So… was a really special occasion that Maureen laid out in a beautiful display as upon an altar, a complete set of Crystal Rosarys incorporating her vital document, together with a drawing of the Star Temple. We lit a candle and included flowers, a globe of the world, the six pointed star, a picture of the Great Mother Divine, and many other relevant aspects…..

Maureen opened in prayer and began presenting the vital document as a Petition to the Heavenly Realms for the Sanctuary to be made manifest through a special Benefactor. I felt as though I was a witness to this unique request and spoke out endorsing all that Maureen had said, and asking also that she be blessed with vibrant health and well being for her work. Maureen closed with an embracing healing prayer of harmony for the world in oneness, and comforting for me here at this time in my depleted state of health.

We sat together in the powerful silence after the prayerfulness and I had an impression of many, many strands and gossamers and threads gently floating up and up and up…… until they disappeared.

After a further time in silence and stillness these words came.

“This is a truly momentous prayer time for each of you…..bringing a Petition of such High Order and Magnitude seen through you human eyes.

Know, that all has been received and you have accessed even higher levels of the Heavenly Realms with this most valuable Petition. Let go now, and wait and trust, for all to be revealed in the due timing. You have been most richly and deeply blessed this day.”


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