The Pool of Blue and The Great River of Peace

Beloved Ones,

It has been a time of most difficult upheaval and challenges since the passing of dear Sylvia, just two months ago. So it was with great gratitude we received healing harmony through our prayer link.

Margaret had accessed the “Pool of Blue” many times previously, and so it was again, with great peace and grace that this most beautiful picture was presented once more.

This wondrous round pool is sat in the centre of an amphitheatre where often many Masters and Spiritual Beings are congregated in the Heavenly Realms. It has always been a most special centre-point of extraordinary power where the presence of prayer is amplified and acknowledged to assist extraordinary endeavour between Heaven and Earth.

The words from Jesus were given in a whisper “Rest assured. I AM here.”

And it was felt a great healing balm arose from the white most over the “Pool of Blue” to give succour and inspirational grace…….

- A gap was then given. Then a complete change of scene.

This time to the “Great River of Peace” – again, seen so many times over the years, but never more peacefully as now given, flowing so slowly and soundlessly through swards of undulating and most luxurious green lush grass. Words were then given:-

“Peace that passes all understanding” were sensed and breathed in as the water gently flowed by.

Many words were then given which could not be picked up at this time, being so whispered and mingling one with another, as the spirit people all around were felt but not seen, in the bright Light of Love in the Heavenly Realms.

Then words distinctly from the Master Jesus himself. “Rest assured I AM here. All is well.”

There was a great sense of strengthening, and deeply meaningful peace, so gently calming and comforting for the soul.

And then words felt from the hymn “When Peace like a River attendeth my Soul it is well – it is indeed well with you my Lord…….”


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