World Wide Prayer Link Response 08/08/08


We are happy to share with you two special responses of our World-Wide Prayer Link 8/8/08, bearing in heart and mind the Global Harmonic Concordance.

A very special lady in Cambridge, after spending some time in deep prayerfulness, and then in trance meditation, was given the picture of an Illuminated Book in the Heavenly Realms with these words super imposed.

“The page has now turned to a new chapter…..”

She felt this was meant for the world higher consciousness in growing harmony.

Another dear soul companion linked together with her family, with a most special gathering at Mount Shasta, Oregon, USA.

The theme given was:

“All that comes into our consciousness we bring into the Harmonic Light.”

For our part, we would like to share our sense of the Great Harmonic Concordance.

During the summer months, we have on alternate World-Wide Prayer Links walked on “pilgrimages” around different areas of the Island whilst linked in prayer, and visiting various parish churches.

On this special occasion, we remarked there was a great sense of joy all around us, as though we were being accompanied by the Angels in absolute delight, as we walked the beautiful country lanes.

It was at this time, we were truly delighted to find a Sacred well of ancient times, previously unknown to us. Indeed, we felt it was a most auspicious time for this remarkable happening and in so doing, we have deeply honoured nature, in this new discovery of hope and heart in Blessings.

So many linked in love and light around the world from heart to heart, we feel sure the Heavenly Realms shared the Communication Pulse in great joy and renewal.

With All Blessings.
The Santcuary, Shoreline


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