Precious thoughts in Precious Times

A Miracle so prayed for, did happen, in a strange way,
An opportunity arose to open the way!
To speak of important things, sensed to be said
About all manner of precious thoughts, in letting go of the dread.

And so matters relating to passing-away
Essential for Peace in the Soul , - we might say
Of leaving beloved Ones, felt long overdue,
Allowed pouring out inner thoughts and fears, - so taboo.

Gently, communication with hearts open wide
Provided a closeness, with distress never implied.
A comforting support system provided a raft
Created, by knowing the need till all pain had passed.

You see, time is so precious as death draws so near
Communicating with love, helps letting go of the fear
Comforting abides in Trust and in Prayer
That all add to the promise – the Love of God is so near.


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