World-Wide Prayer Link Response,
Projecting a Great Leap in Consciousness!

The Expansion of evolution can be harnessed in these extraordinary “waking up” times, projecting a great leap in consciousness for harmony and wellbeing in the whole world.

These are the now times of waking up for ‘the way’ – so punctuating the equilibrium of lack of awareness, so as to stimulate the heart and mind to higher ideals and perception. In this manifestation of the purity of Love and Light, there is a triggering of the fast evolving heart and mind of Being -

Indeed,- ‘Man-Kind as Kindman’

For thousands of years humanity has seemingly evolved quite slowly, but rapidity of perception now on a global arena, is harvesting a higher collective consciousness to determine the possibility of the ‘genius’ potential of the world humanity species!

This most extraordinary happening creates a multi identification of momentous possibilities, ideally promulgating an enormous courage for our times, so as the projection of evolution can be harnessed, for “waking up is now the way!

With this great Empowerment of Being as in these New Beginnings, Unconditional Love can amplify a Liberation of Being, in the great purpose of bringing Heaven on Earth. This greater benevolence allows the Heavenly Hierarchy to assist our endeavours in a continuing communication pulse, for the Awakening Soul to reach higher attunement in Fruition, together with Nurturing Grace. This, then is the Chalice of Harmony, within which the whole of humanity can safely evolve with inner knowing and further understanding - so as the New Millennium of Love and Light expands in the great Valiant Heart of humanity, in the fullness of Joy and Re-newall of our times!

This may be indicated in a new capacity for social interaction, as we demonstrate we are indeed One, realising a far greater empathy as one with another, together with the Earth herself. Indeed, ‘ancient wisdom may equate magnificently with modern science’ allowing a radical overview of truth and knowledge. This being so, the sense of Oneness and attunement with the Cosmos, may also open new quantum theories together with spiritual endorsement. Amazing Grace indeed!

With all this in heart and mind, please link prayerfully in the great Concept of Love and Light around the whole world each Friday 11 a.m.

“Moments of Prayer linked with Millions
Millions of Minutes of Prayer"

Prayer is the Bridge of all Beliefs in Universal Love and Light

All Blessings, The Sanctuary, Shoreline

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