The Pioneering Purpose of
The Spiritual Awareness Website

The great intention is to assist the accelerating spiritual unfolding of society, globally, in a higher consciousness of Being, towards the higher evolution of Hu-man-ity / God-Man-United. Through the ‘Way of the Heart’, we are mindful to bring together body, mind, soul and spirit, naturally woven in the tapestry of the full potential of life, in well-being and good purpose.

Waking up is now “the Way!”

“With Empowerment of Being in New Beginnings and Unconditional Love in a great Liberation of Being, we CAN bring Heaven on Earth. The Awakening Soul will then reach for higher attunement in Fruition with Nurturing Grace, so as a great Chalice of Harmony allows a New Millennium of Love and Light.

This then to be, the great Valiant Heart of Hu-man-ity that abounds in Joy & Renewal !”

There is a growing sense now, of the need for our spiritual perception to be acknowledged for these dramatically unfolding times of change. And so it is, with “ancient knowledge and modern science” that a great spiritual conduit is evolving to engage a greater Potential of Being, in receiving insight, to uphold this wisdom along “the Way!

This greater Potential of Being allows a great blossoming to be
“the beautiful Being you truly are, unlimited and unbounded in the oneness of creation”.

It is in this amazing grace we can give compassion and caring and respect for one another, our communities, and so spreading world-wide to become

“Mankind as Kind-Man.”

With this in heart and mind, please link prayerfully in the great Concept of Love and Light around the whole world each Friday 11 a.m.

“Moments of Prayer linked with Millions
Millions of Minutes of Prayer"

and most especially on this Midsummer’s Day June 24th – Spiritual Awareness Day

“Prayer is the Bridge of All Beliefs in Universal Love and Light.”

With all Blessings.
The Sanctuary, Shoreline


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