Blessed Radiance

H’ope’n Heart is given at this time, for all is coming together in the great dynamic of Divine Energy, to bring Love and Light to our Earth here and now, in the

“Aperture of Revelation”

in this place and around the world, – and thence out to the Cosmos.....

This is seen/felt in Spiritual Awareness to realize/real eyes, as this wondrous surge of Power bringing Harmonious Attunement, - knowledge, truth and understanding and compassion, in the

"Divine Grace of pure Love and Light,
- Conceiving what the Eye cannot Perceive.”

The ‘Starburst’ here, holds the Radiance of the Blessed Divine in the centre-field of Energy, radiating as this phenomenal Communication Pulse, out of this world, and connecting through and out to the Universe and far beyond.

This is seen to be a crystalline-like, bright white ever swirling/spiralling ethereal ‘feminine form’, linked with DNA in the essential nature at this time, of the raised consciousness of Humanity entwined with the

“Feminine Aspect of Creation, - in Nurturing Grace.”

All is being brought together most powerfully and is expanding enormously, in this

“Divine Energy Field, in the Purity
of Love and Light”

so assisting raising consciousness of all humanity and the Earth herself, to a

“Divine Consciousness of Awareness, for New Beginnings”

Orchestrated by the Mother Divine, we have been made aware that the Great White Brotherhood is also in attendance. The Communication Pulse is conceived and already transmitting, to assist this

“New Era of Spiritual Development!”

Indeed, all is coming together, now, at this time. All is accentuated in this tremendous Communication Pulse according to Divine Plan.

The Mother Divine then spoke,

“Through Love all is possible”
“Through this Divine Love – there will be a Creative Energy to embrace and hold with compassion, and for others to open and blossom, and so be seen, to be fully embraced in Love, and know with Divine Knowledge they are Spirit.
All shall blossom, as that true Nature of Being takes it’s due course.
They shall know Me as Peace- and they shall know the Energy.
The Divine Mother will walk upon the Earth again”
“This is the Second Coming of Consciousness, - in the awakening
of heart and minds”

In this, is our understanding of the

“Second Coming - the Way of the Heart”

– bringing all the attributes of the great Feminine Aspect – Mother Divine, in her Purity and Grace, Wisdom and Benevolence to balance, with the already powerful potent Masculine, that are to nurture and become the nature of

‘’Man-Kind as Kind-Man’’

‘’Thus awakening and mirroring a knowing within, in pure open Heart and Mind, we are All sparks of the Divine.

All is One, and One is All’’

As evolving DNA through to Planetary – this wave of continuum awakening consciousness, is unfolding and revealing a more enlightened knowing of Awareness of Being, so becoming more sensitive to the

“Resonance of Love/Light and sound/vibrations.”

We, in our small way are in the very midst of all this experiencing, with as demonstrated for those who are Seers, a

“Divine Illumination as a Massive Floodlight/Beam,-

“of the Blessed Radiance here in the Sanctuary, is resonating out in a great Communication Pulse of Divine Energy’’

The need now is for all to remain focused, calmly and gently assured of the Heavenly help that is being given along ‘the Way’. Time now to let go old belittling limitations, and steadily step out to embrace and feel freedom of open Heart and open Mind. Now we may sense in our hearts, so as to access ‘the Way of the Heart’, for the peacefulness to flow, so to release that ‘Beloved Love and Light of Being.’

This is given in the growing awareness of

“Beauty in the Divine Nature of Being.”


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