Rest Upon Me

As always, we began our prayer-time in open heart and open mind with many, many dear ones in our world-wide prayer link (11 a.m. each Friday). Whilst holding the Heaven on Earth and the new Millennium Crystal Rosarys, time was given to balancing our beings, with our chakras becoming more in harmony with ourselves, with each other, and then linking as in the “Concept”:-

"Moments in prayer, linked with millions, in miliions of minutes of prayer"

so as envisaging, spreading the Love and Light bathing the whole world in harmony and peacefulness. Sometime later, in a state of deep altered awareness, wonderful insight was given in response to our prayerfulness.

Jesus was seen near the pure Pool of Blue in the heavenly realms. Amongst many others present, some souls for whom we were praying, from requests placed in the Golden Boxes were seen, bathed in this purity of Love and Light. Pale pink rose petals were falling all around so quietly and peacefully.
Jesus said, - “As the petals gently fall, like early morning dew, so I shall shower my everlasting love on you.”

The pink petals then changed to deep red heart shaped “petals”, and continued to gently shower down upon all those dear souls - so hurting at this time. Those in illness or distress, in pain or sorrow, in shock or fear, battered by life, suicidal and grieving. All the hurting bodies and hearts and minds were showered in Jesus’ unfailing love for everyone.

Then a terrible dark scene was given so very dark, pitch black, - eventually, a very small speck of light was shown which then grew and grew until the light was everywhere -an understanding was given, prayer changes the world - Love and Light is spreading through prayer, out of the darkness. The Christ light is spreading love to heal to bring joy, abundance and peace.

A great prayerfulness in tongues followed, and then singing in tongues, sensing to be of the love and compassion for the world.

Mother Mary, the Mother Divine was then also seen beside the pool of Love and Light, attired in a white gown and veil with a radiant star over Her Heart.

We had also prayed for the protection of the work of the Sanctuary, so as to continue unhindered, and in response, a spinning mauve energy was seen, like a powerful tornado encircling the Pool of Blue, around which flashing light spun out in great brilliance. The closing scene was then shown of calm and joy as the children of the Heavenly Realms gathered around the Pool of Blue and then delighted to splash and bathe in this pure Love and Light.

We gave our grateful response in prayer for all that had been given, in the presence of the Mother Divine, praying that Her Cloak would surround all that had been held in prayerfulness at this time.

Thanks be to God

Rest Upon Me

Do not allow fear to attend you for I am here, close by your side.
Centre now on my Being, for in this focus I will abide.
Strength and peace shall uphold you, and great works be done in My Name,
For as you attune to My Wisdom, all is released for your gain.
Love shall flow in abundance, and Light stream forth in great might,
For haven’t I given My Promise, to uphold you, both by day and all night.
Response to our Friday’s World-wide Prayer Link……..
From the stillness and silent intensity
of your prayerfulness
comes a miracle of movement
and flowing transformation.

Prayer is mighty power
of Divine Paradox
that, whilst you are totally still
and outwardly motionless,
yet immense sequence of events
are released in response
to your intercessions.
The responses may not be visible or audible
to human eye and ear, yet….know…
that your heart-yearnings have been recorded
and acknowledged
in Divine Action.



Stay in this deep companionship…..
this sacred bower of healing energy
created through your prayers.

Stay in this safe, secure place
and feel God’s love
easing your pain.

Stay in this cocoon
of softness Divine
and be nurtured and strengthened,
released and renewed.

Then tread softly and gently
from your place of prayer
and share the Light which now surrounds you.

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