Aperturs of Revelation 2012

As we begin this auspicious year 2012, we are now prompted by the Divine Hierachy to begin to share this truly wonderous knowledge, recently received here in the ‘’Sanctuary – Shoreline’’.

All that is presently unfolding is part of ‘’the Spiritual Renaissance’’ being expressed now on a worldwide scale, as a huge cosmic tide of transformation – a great spiritual history and mystery, as a liberation of being – connecting to the vast spiritual natural order, of a higher potential of Being.

As we understand more of our higher consciousness/awareness so we hope and pray, in sharing this unfolding knowledge in truth wisdom and compassion, you may sense the ring of truth in all that is resonating from here, through divine revelation.

Dearest Ones, we so truly look forward to sharing with you revelations of absolute wonder and awe, to uphold you on a very personal level, as well as the collective world-wide, in hope and heart over the momentous time ahead.

All is gathering momentum of Divine Order for the Great Cosmic Projection.

Unity in Compassion is the Key for Humanity’s Response!

All are invited in H’ope ‘n Heart to link 11 a.m each Friday in the World Wide Prayer Link.

With all Blessings of Peace and Harmony world-wide.

Maureen Rose – The Sanctuary – Shoreline, Jersey, Channel Islands.


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