Spiritual Awareness Day - June 24th, 2004


Spiritual Awareness Day - Re-Member-Ed

Very quietly in the Sanctuary, I sat alone on the blessed stone bench, surrounded by a great panoply of colour of wonderful trees and flower in full bloom around a velvet screen lawn. So very many little fledglings, jenny wren with her little brood, blue tits and babies, a robin, a blackbird looking for worms in the grass and a pair of doves cooing, filled the scene around the Grotto, with Our Lady Mother Divine statue with heartfilling life.

I had placed the Joy and Renewal Rosary in Her hands and roses of all colour in abundance around, and there was a sense of gentle ease and grace….

Amazingly, yesterday, the actual Spiritual Awareness Day - Midsummer’s Day, we had not been able to gather here, for many reasons physically, and notably most amazingly that on that very day I was signing the agreement for where I would remain as the “Holding Place” - that had been spiritually specified to be needed at this time. The Place for ‘Rest and Restoration’ of my Being until the magnificent manifestation of the ‘Greater Sanctuary’ …..

During this unknown time scale I am again asked to surrender and trust, my ministry simply continuing in walking and talking along the Way - to give all those I encounter ‘hope and heart’, my smile will become their smile, as we meet and as we say goodbye in blessings of abundance. In gratitude simply being the ‘Way of the Heart’.

With all this in my heart and mind today, I link in love and light prayerfully with you all

“Moments of Prayer linked with Millions
Millions of Minutes of Prayer"

This, our Friday 11 a.m. Prayer Link will continue as always with many precious word still continuing to be passed to you.

Dearest Ones,

In - Surrendering, all is unfolding
In - Trust, Amazing Grace will continue!
In - Allowing there will continue to be blessings of wonder and awe!
In - Restoration, the Greater Sanctuary will surely manifest!

STAR - Light and love indeed!

Moreen Maria Grace Rose

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