Our Gathering to Celebrate
"Spiritual Awareness Day" June 24th 2008, Midsummer’s Day

We walked from the Sanctuary Shoreline directly onto the beach. What a most glorious day! The sun shining, the tide high, the sky blue, as perfect a day that could ever be.

We walked along the beach chatting happily, carrying our precious Rosarys and provisions – a heartful little band of souls.

A special spot just by some rocks seemed just the place to settle. We just needed to see if the tide was turning, so we paddled awhile which was so delightful, and shortly saw the sea was just indeed ebbing as some of our footprints in the sand remained.

The precious set of the Universal Crystal Rosarys was unpacked and laid out on a rainbow of coloured cloth – how they sparkled in the sunshine, auspiciously attracting bumble bees, so unusual on the beach. The Rosarys were also set with seashells, dove feathers, a golden angel statue and placed in the middle of all, a star shaped candle representing the cosmos.

Midsummer Day is a great cosmic day event. This was celebrated in ancient times as the height of summer, a time of rejoicing, being closest to the sun and the abundancy of nature. And in the church, as a great celebration for the people, often with the church decorated with bowers and flowers.

There was a sense of joy in the air as we sat in a circle on the warm, white sand with the sound of the gentle waves so close by. Our hearts felt full – full of gratitude to be embraced with such beauty and peace and this was extended to all ones who may have linked in with us around the whole world in our prayerful Concept:-

“Moments of Prayer linked with Millions
Millions of Minutes of Prayer"

We opened deeply, prayerfully embracing in our hearts and minds, the great Concept of visualising expanded hearts, filled with light, linking one with another and another around the whole of the earth. So enlarging the auric field of humanity and the earth herself as a wondrous rainbow becoming ever more bright and beautiful, lighting up Mother Earth and thus being responded to by the Mother Divine of the Cosmos.

“Let us be unlimited and unbounded in the Oneness of Creation.”

We felt a huge response given by the Heavenly Realms and were sure that the Angels were singing!

There was a heartful sense that dearest Sylvia, who before her passing, had been a stalwart companion in our prayer links with wondrous Divine responses from the Heavenly Realms, was in fact linking in a group ‘up there’ with us now, which gave us enormous heart in sharing the spiritual grace. We had always promised we would indeed connect between Heaven and Earth, and what a delightful occasion to do so.

We truly felt our hearts vastly expanded in gratitude.

We sat in the stillness for some time afterwards with a great sense of peace and love all around us. As we came to open our eyes, we saw indeed that the tide had rolled back, - and quite a long time had passed…..

We then we took the little heart shaped papers we had brought and paddled out and floated them out to sea with words written as Joy to the World, Peace and Harmony, Love and Light, the Way of the Heart, and Heaven on Earth. And this seemed to complete the circle with our simply natural and prayerful link on the shoreline…….

We then chatted happily amongst each other and then enjoyed our refreshments, so glad to appreciate this special time together which we are so pleased to share with you with joy and gratitude.

With All Blessings.
The Sanctuary.


P.S. The following Friday, we held our prayer link as usual. Margaret who had not been at our beach gathering was given a special insight. After opening in deep prayerfulness, surprisingly, she had a flash of a picture of our Sanctuary in a past scene, in the beautiful garden we used to have. All were seated on the grass by the Grotto of the Mother Divine, with the Rosarys in a circle in the centre, on Midsummer’s Day we had celebrated at that time. And then the picture, as a flash again, was given of the Shoreline gathering of sand and seascape.

And then Jesus said “These are two of my favourite places, for when on earth, I walked in the garden amongst the flowers and the trees and the birds singing, and also the shoreline, where I was with you again.”

We were absolutely delighted with such a response of our deep prayerfulness and feel heartful to share with you all in Blessings.

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