The Inaugural Service of Love and Light
at the
Sanctuary of the Mother Divine, Jersey, Channel Islands
Spiritual Awareness Day 2003

This very first Inaugural Service of “Love and Light” was held in the Sanctuary garden to honour Spiritual Awareness Day on Midsummers Day, on 24th June 2003.

The Service has evolved to simply supply the need for a “Bridge” from the traditional Church service to a wider appreciation and praise of God in the fullness of nature in a Universal context of unanimity.

Nature was simply throbbing with life….. there was the bluest of skies and warm sunshine, and the sweet call of birds, the rustling of leaves, the delicate flutter of butterfly wings and one extra special visitor to grace our occasion - a humming-bird hawk-moth, sampling the deep purple lavender in a glass on the stone table just in front of us. In the garden of the Sanctuary, the whole spectrum of the Rosarys had been arranged in a circle, on a vibrant blue cloth to symbolise the “Pool of Blue” which has come to hold particular significance in the work of the Rosarys. Candles were burning all around linked with each Crystal of the Rosary and their light maintained throughout the inspirational service despite the playful breezes.

The words of this very first Service flowed in a resonance of rhythm praising and acknowledging God as Creator of all that is, and bringing in the Feminine Aspect through the Gracious Intercession of the Mother Divine.

Prayers were said for those known to us, and held within the Golden Box of Prayer, and in a wider context for those leaders of Humanity to give ethical and inspirational grace for peace in the world. Prayers were also offered for those dear souls suffering in many parts of the world, and provision was also given for the inclusion and care of the animal and vegetable kingdoms. Allowance was also given for some personal healing in a visualisation of each chakra colour enhanced with healing grace becoming clearer and brighter and then merging as an aura of rainbow colours around our beings, and thence spiralling out around those held in prayer and out again around the whole of Mother Earth as in,

"Moments in prayer, linked with millions, in million of minutes of prayer"

Most movingly, the “Service of Love and Light” concluded with a description of the Mother Divine’s beautiful Cloak of Protection being wrapped around each one of us and around all those for whom we had prayed. This Inaugural Service of Love and Light was indeed a wonderful appreciation of God’s Grace and the richness of Creation, - and there followed a time for individual contemplation in Heart-full Gratitude.
With All Blessings.

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