The Celebration of “All Souls Day”
in the Heavenly Realms with Petals from Heaven


Dearest Beloved Ones,

Deep prayerfulness opened our worldwide prayer link in giving thanks to God, as in open heart and mind at “the Sanctuary”, Shoreline. As this was a time of remembering souls who had passed on, we prayed for all those in the Heavenly Realms and those suffering bereavement here in Earth.

The response was absolutely Divine! Margaret was able to see into the Heavenly Realms where the Great Mother Divine was presiding over a most enormous gathering of sublime souls all bathed in soft colours of wondrous hue. Truly joy and serenity exuded from these Beings, - all turned towards the Mother Divine in Her Glory, so bright and beautiful in amazing light.

Extraordinarily then, all manner of best wishes floated down on “petals from Heaven” in delicate colours, each one from a dear Soul above to particular ones here on earth, with blessings galore.

- And so it is apparent that as we pray for our beloveds, so they send us their love and comforting grace in return.

The connection of unconditional love is made!

This release in response to prayer is of great magnitude literally bathing the Earth in Heavenly Grace with special Love and Light.

The Heavenly music played, reminiscent of harps with singing of joyous songs accompanying all this wondrous spectacle.

Beloved Ones known to us were seen, some distinctly close by, others in a haze amongst the many faces of the huge crowds gathered for this wonderful celebration at this time. What was also surprising is that all appeared to be in ordinary clothing as we would know them here on Earth, though in delightful colours for that occasion of “All Souls Day”.

“Our cup floweth over” was given in a sense of so much love being shared as a great Chalice of Harmony overflowing with Love and Light - we were in tears of joy in our response!

We do so thank God for this Divine insight in the blessing of sharing Heavenly Grace.

With All Blessings


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