Space for the Grace


Remain in the special deep quiet after your praying
for as long as you can maintain it.

When you pray with such earnestness, which such devout intention, with such compassion and care, you are actually creating a spiritual space and place.

It is as almost as though a special room has been created around you with the threads of your prayers. Whilst you remain in this special space, it is easier for you to receive words, inspiration, guidance
and knowledge from the Spiritual Realms.

This is so vital and so important that is has come into your words many times.

Share with others the treasure and value of staying in
this special space after the praying has ended.

If you are able to use a particular room or area on a regular basis, this will enhance your personal devotions because some of the spiritual room that you create through your prayers remains for a considerable time.

Take special note of this. It is another Pearl of Wisdom promised to you.

With Love and Blessings,




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