Star Light Inspirational Words received
in Response to Prayerfulness

Light and enlightment are indeed
flooding the Universe in strengthening intensity,
as more and more oned turn to prayer and blessing

Such forcefields of beautiful vibrationss
are being created
through this intensity of Light, -
that much pollution and negtivity
is being transmuted into finer substance
within the ethers.

There is much rejoicing in the
Heavenly Realms!

- and it is said, that these times will be recorded
in history

"The Spiritual Revolution."

... all is in the focus of expanded consiousness.

With all this in heart and mind, please link prayerfully in the great Concept of Love and Light around the whold world each Friday 11AM


" Moments of Prayer lnked with Millions
Millions of Minutes of Prayer "

Prayer if the Bridge of all Beliefs in Universal Love and Light

With All Blessings,

Maureen Rose,
The Sanctuary, Shoreline, Jersey, Channel Islands.


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