The Great World Symphony

Recently in my prayer times, amongst other preparations, I have begun using a small green crystal globe o represent the world. On this occasion, I placed around it the beautiful and delicately coloured pale green Rosary of he Chalice of Harmony because I felt that our world desperately needs harmony.

Then I asked to be joined with all those praying at this time, that our supplications might be strengthened and assisted, and I had an impression of wonderful music being played, and all of he special prayers and requests becoming as notes in he music. There words were then given to me: -

"A world symphony is being composed and orchestrated by the Heavenly Realms from the millions praying in these turbulent times.

Each one has a note and a space to occupy in the final symphony.

When you make he time to be still and listen, you can hear he rhythm of the Universe around you in the winds and breezes, the trees, oceans and bird song.

Be still more frequently and listen, for the notes of the Great World Symphony!"



The pause after praying is vitally important and of great value. It allows all you have prayed so reverently for to be assimilated, directed and actioned.

It allows for your own Being to be nurtured and restored in the special vibrations which manifest when your focus is upon God and he Heavenly Realms.

Pause and be still and know that miracles are being manifested regardless of what you can visibly see and detect.

Keep your trust alive and your prayer life vibrant.

Whilst I was earnestly praying during the Friday Prayer Link, I was very conscious of the increasing wind strength and as I concluded my prayers, I had a picture of all the requests being taken up in a mini tornado of wind and rain, and hen showers, like fireworks, cascaded down and the words came :-


"The yield from your prayerfulness is like a harvest. You have sown many seeds
of hope, trust, courage, endeavor and beautiful creativity, and are germinating
with Divine speed and strength.

You cannot see the extent and magnitude of your harvest, but be assured that
an abundance of sheer beneficence will shower your planet!

Be heartened,
Be encouraged,
and be richly blessed"



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