The Valient Heart in Great Courage


These are critical times for so many dear souls sensing being drawn into the negative energy, of these harsh times. The need for us to become "aware and awake" is now of truly paramount importance.

There is feeling amongst many, we are being swept along by a tide of events that are not of our making. Therefore, it is time to take stock, stand and think and evaluate, how it is each one individually, then with like minded others, together, we can link to create a more informed understanding with highest ideals set in motion. We are then stronger position to embrace interconnective thinking, creating a better world with more respect and consideration in goodwill one for another.

Great Courage can implemnt great changes!

There is hope and heart, that as and when we all wake up and care, we are the key to the code,

"Makind as Kind Man"

We can multiply this collective goodness and strength in great courage of the Valient Heart, taking center stage. We are then in a stronger position to interact individually, communally, globally, and even, dare we say, universally, -so as the Heavenly Realms are more than willing and able to give great assistance, in helping to integrate

"Peace on Earth"

With this in mind, let us link preayerfully in the Concept of Love and Light with the world wide Prayer Link"

All Blessings. In Love and Light, as always
Sanctuary, Shoreline